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About The Show

The Retirement Income Hour radio show was created to address the questions and concerns of retirees, pre-retirees, indi­vid­ual investors, and busi­ness own­ers. It focuses on the worries and apprehensions many Americans have about money man­age­ment and preparing for retirement. The information provided is unbiased, with no product pitches or sales incentives. The show exists purely to help educate listeners and better enable them to make informed financial decisions that are suitable to their needs and in their own best interest.

Mark Falter, host of The Retirement Income Hour, has over 30 years of experience in financial services, and he is president of Mid-American Wealth Advisory Group, Inc. Throughout his career, Mark has had the privilege of meeting thousands of people who were in the process of planning for retirement or who were already enjoying retirement. 

He takes great pride in his ability to help clients avoid common mistakes and create financial strategies suited to their needs and goals. With his experience in conservative income-generating strategies, Mark strives to help hardworking Americans safeguard their investments and enjoy financial freedom. A strong believer in the principle, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Mark attributes most of his success to simply making decisions in the best interest of his clients.

Mark specializes in the entire universe of conservative income-generating and dividend-generating financial options outside the stock market. At the same time, he embraces a philosophy of “not being married to any specific investment or strategy.” He works with clients on an individual basis with the goal of helping them create a roadmap to financial security and independence that allows them to focus on simply enjoying their lives. Mark is proud to be supported by an experienced and reliable team to assist clients. That team includes an estate planning attorney available to help clients with wills and trusts.

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